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50 nye, norske salmer

50 nye, norske salmer (50 new, Norwegian hymns) is a project that Birgit Djupedal and Are August Flannagan Furubotn started in the spring of 2016. They have together composed 50 new hymns. The texts are from various Norwegian poets. The reason for they started this project was to create more hymns that uses texts from female poets and to show that there is still room for new hymns grounded in classical music. 

In the autumn of 2017 Djupedal and Furubotn held a lecture at Norsk salmefestival (Norwegian hymnfestival) where they presented the project and performed some of the hymns. This happend in Bodø Cathedral. They also had a collaboration with the literary group Litterært kollektiv in Trondheim. At that event the focus was on the relationship between text and music. This was in Ilen Church in Trondheim. 
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