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Matstell is a musical theatre for children based on text by the Norwegian author Hulda Garborg. Djupedal is the composer and Marte Fillan is the lyricists and writer. 
Disorommet stands for the digital, social room. It is a textile composition made by Djupedal and the visual artist Hanne Korsnes. It is an Open Call project, commissioned by Festspillene I Nord-Norge.
OUTPOST is an international art project for composer/performers and children and young people in Bodø. Djupedal is the founder of the project as well as a participating artist.
IMPRA was a vocal ensemble led by Birgit Djupedal and Ásbjörg Jónsdóttir. The goal of the ensemble was to perform music only by female composers.
50 nye, norske salmer (50 new, Norwegian hymns) is a project that Birgit Djupedal and Are August Flannagan Furubotn started in the spring of 2016.


String orchestra and harmonium
durata: 6'
Langeleik, violin, cello, voices
durata: 20'
Bjellofon, organ
durata: 15'
Alto flute, bass flute, contrabass flute
durata: 12'
Flute, b clarinet, bassoon
durata: 5'
Alto, alto flute, percussion
durata: 2'40
Chamber opera 
durata: 25'
String orchestra
durata: 17'
Langeleik, langspil, synfon, voices
durata: 15'


Voice, cassette player
durata: 13'


Soprano, piano
durata: 5'
Accordion, saxophone
durata: 15'
Mezzo sopran, piano
durata: 4'
Sopran, organ
durata: 10'
Sopran, piano
durata: 7'
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