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I am not welcome


"I am not welcome" is a piece comissioned and performed by Heiða Árnadóttir  at Dark Music Days (Reykjavík) 31.01.2020. Its for voice, cassette player and sewn graphic notation. 

The piece “I am not welcome” is a 15 minute long, organized stream of consciousness about not being welcome. 

"I am not welcome. We are not welcome.

Who is welcome. Who might be welcome.

Why am I not welcome. Why are you

welcome. Are you welcome. Why are you

welcome, and not me. How can I be

welcome. How can we be welcome.

Why can someone make us welcome.

Can someone welcome us. Is me being

welcome important. Is me being welcome

important for someone. Is it important to

be welcome. Is it important not to be

welcome. Why is someone welcome and

some one not welcome. What's the point

of being welcome if we're not all welcome.

I don't want to be welcome if you’re not welcome.

Do you want to be welcome if I’m not welcome.

Am I not welcome. "

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