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OUTPOST is a Norwegian-Icelandic collaborative art project for composer/performers. Djupedal is the founder of the project as well as a participant. 

OUTPOST's goals are to create a platform for new and playful art from the north, give underrepresented groups a voice, create long-lasting relationships between international young professionals and take art be children and young people seriously. 

Mini-documentary on OUTPOST I
OUTPOST I was a collaboration with the Bodø High school and the composition students in the music department. We also collaborated with NyMusikk Bodø. The project lasted from August 2020 until June 2021. Since the students played different instruments, some could read sheet music, and some couldn't, we decided to work with text score. The pupils composed and performed their own pieces, and you can see some of the results below. The theme for OUTPOST I was what is music and who can call themselves a composer. 

OUTPOST II is an interdisciplinary project. Now we are collaborating with the visual art teacher Lilli Kanck and her pupils at Bodø kulturskole, as we as Ásdís Sigurþórsdóttir and her students at Myndlistarskólinn í Mosfellsbæjar (Iceland). We are now four composer/performers, two from Norway and two from Iceland. OUTPOST II's theme is light and dark, and how the bright summers and dark winters effect our lives in the north. The composer/performers have composed music that reflects the light and darkness that they will perform for the children, and hopefully inspire them to draw and paint. The composer/performers have also composed a few pieces inspired by painting the pupils had already made. The project started in Bodø in October 2021 and will end in Iceland in November 2021.
Sheet music by Djupedal and pictures from OUTPOST II
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