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Tilveran / Existence

Does existence possess any particular shine as the ordinary? Could existence be powerful and tender, deep and dreamy, is it a river in a valley or a mild summer night? Can existence knit sounds and use them to create a new reality? Those are elements from texts that composers Ásbjörg Jónsdóttir and Birgit Djupedal have been working with around the subject of existence. Their concert, a 50-minute concise work, will act as a sneak peek to their sound world that combines organ and song, classical, jazz, improvisation, electronic music, poetry and self-portraits and not least the cultural background of the composers and the performers.

The concert was first performed at Summer concerts in Skálholt 07.06.2019 and then again at Operadagar í Reykjavík 06.11.2019. 

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