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List of works


Tre salmer for blandet kor (2015) - SATB

Text: Prytz Fougner, Eidslått, Oldervik. Commissioned by Studentkoret Aks.

Komm blessuð, ljósins hátið (arr.) (2016) - SATB

Tekst: Guðmundsson. Comissioned and permiered by Dómkórinn Reykjavik and shown at  RÚV1, Icelandic television, at Aftansöngur jóla 2016.


I mitt hus i himmelen (2017) - SSAATTBB

Text: Maren Barlien. Written for the workshop “Songs for an Open Space” during Ultima festival. Performed by Vivianne Sydnes and en ensemble from Oslo Domkor at Ultima, and will be performed at Nordic Music Days 2019. 


Eitt kvöldið kom ég seint heim (2018) - SSAA

Text: Nås Høistad. Premiered by IMPRA vocal ensemble. filled (2019) - SSAA

Premiered by IMPRA vocal ensemble.


Cirka absolutt nesten krusedull (2015) - sang+fl+cl+asax+pno+cb

Music for the children theater play with the same name, performed at the cultural festival Uka-15.


Tre sanger for sopran og piano (2017)

Text: Reidar Djupedal. 


Hälftan av alla som finns (2017) - sinfonietta

Premiered by Caput, and performed at Kammermusikkfestivalen in Trondheim by musicians from Trondheimsolistene and Forsvarets musikkorps.


Kornið (2018) - 2sopran+tenor+baryton+fl+cl+perc+vln+vla+vc

Chamberopera, librettist Ingunn Lára Kristjánsdóttir, performed during Óperudagar in Reykjavik 2018.


Sunnefa - migrant (2018) - SATB+solist+orgel+carillon

Written to Kór Breiðholtskirkju, also premiered at Festspillene in Bergen May 2019 with Bergen Domkor.


Sprund (2018) - string orchestra

Comissioned by Íslenska strengir,premiered in Harpa January 2019.


Living - Needing - Dusting  (2019) - SATB+2cl+bcl+2asax+kglockenspiel

Comissioned by the music programme at Bodø videregående for their exchange project with Evangelsiches Kreuzgymnasium, Dresden. A part of The European Year of Cultural Heritage.


Fem satser om søstre (2019) - asax+accordeon 

Text: Gro Dahle and Lurvehette (fairytale). Commissioned and premiered by Anders Abelseth and Ásta Soffia Þorgeirsdóttir.


50 nye, norske salmer (2016)

New hymns with a focus on female lyricits, a collaboration with Are Furubotn. Many hymns permiered at Norsk salmefestival in Bodø and the concert Litteratur+salme in Trondheim. 

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